The Most Popular Hair Loss Treatments in Singapore

Official data claims that more than a half men experience hair fall until their 30s and more than 80% until their 50s. Equally for all reasons that could cause men hair loss is the number of treatments that could help them control it.

What should I do to prevent hair loss?

People search constantly information about hair loss treatments in Singapore but usually, they do it when they already have some troubles with their mane. Singapore Beauty Blog made a long list of question and answers about hair loss treatments. Old people say that prevention is better than healing, and we find out this is completely true. Preventing losing your hair has a whole list of things you can do. First, it is a good lifestyle to control your nutrition. Eating healthy food with vitamins and minerals is what your hair needs. Most people think that diet is harmless but in fact, it is not. Every limitation effects on the body strength and vitality. Hair attaches to the scalp thanks to follicles so this structure needs a full range of vital nutrition. For example, zinc and iron are extremely important if you want to have a gorgeous hair without discolouration. Another recommendation is to use a wide comb. This way you will not tear your hair while brushing it. Men should brush their hair at least once per day in order to remove particles and dust. Although women have the habit to tie their hair on tight ponytails, there are men who do it, too. It is not something that your hair is happy for so try to avoid it as much as possible. People can’t prevent every type of hair loss that’s why there are hair loss treatments in Singapore that can help them in their fight against baldness.

What are the most common hair loss treatments for men?

First, we will take a look at medication because of you visit a dermatologist he will prescribe you at least one. In fact, there is still no magical pill for this type of health issue but there are two medications, which help a lot – finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine).

Using a minoxidil for hair loss treatment for men was not the initial plan. This medication was created to cure high blood pressure but one of the side effects was too much hair grows, so they decided it will work in this area, too. Today, minoxidil is prescribed mostly for men losing their hair. Scientists find out that hair follicles become more stable on the scalp and new hair start to grow faster. It prolongs anagen phase of the hair so people can spot a significant difference in the hair density. What are the exact reasons for this unexpected result they still can’t find out?

Another famous drug used for hair loss treatment for men is Propecia. Male baldness patter affects mostly middle part of the scalp. Only adult men should use this medication because side effects can affect teenagers and pregnant women. Like minoxidil, Propecia was not created to treat losing your hair. The scientists have created it for prostate cancer patients and his main action is decreasing a significant hormone. Luckily, the hormone is responsible for damaging hair follicles so neutralizing it, they boost growth. A side effect of minoxidil is hair grow all over the body, while Propecia doesn’t do that. Side effects are a downside of this treatment so you should be really careful what may happen if you take them continuously.


Slipped (Herniated) Disc: Symptoms and Treatments

Slipped disc or also called Herniated disc has common symptoms and is well known for people in Singapore. We will have to surprise you and tell you that sometimes our bodies are not perfect. Every time when you feel pain something is happening in your body, you are just not aware of it. A slipped disc is a common problem for people in Singapore and is exactly this type of situation where you can’t find out what is going out and why you feel pain. The pain can go on for 6 – 8 weeks and then vanish by itself. During this time, there are certain things that you shouldn’t do in order to decrease your recovery time.

Slipped disc – what does it mean?

The verb “slip” is used inappropriately because nothing has run away from your body. The back structure contains bones and discs between them. If something damages one of the discs, the gel liquid that works like a cushion leak and causes swelling and pain. Swelling could press nerves and the pain is a fact. There are different types of slipped disc treatments in Singapore but there are things that all people have to follow. Sometimes the pain is so strong that the patient report that his arm and legs hurt, too. Bones are not supposed to touch each other and when the disc is damaged, this touching is inevitable.

First few hours could be painful as hell.

That’s why most doctors prescribe an anti-inflammatory pill and one for pain relief. This method will give the body time to reabsorb the liquid back. There are non-operative and surgery methods for slipped disc treatment and HC Orthopaedic Surgery can explain you both.

Like every other swelling ice is useful here. If you don’t have ice packs, you can use frozen vegetables or something cold and apply it to your back for 5 minutes every few hours. Cold therapy should be limited to 3 days after the beginning of pain and then warm therapy should follow. Warm therapy needs to relax muscles and nerves and then you can easily stretch them.

Exercises are important for slipped disc recovery.

The best-slipped disc treatment is to wait until pain decreases. Next step should be strengthening your back muscles. The spine is a complex structure so you should follow your physiotherapist recommendations what to stretch and how much. He can recommend you different exercise that will change your posture. There is a big chance to be in this situation because of bad posture and not a proper distribution of stress. Another good advice is to avoid sleeping on your stomach because this posture is not the most suitable if you have a slipped disc.

What should you do and don’t?

Try to go on with your normal daily life in Singapore. There is a whole list of forbidden movements like bending over too fast, lift heavy objects, twisting, sitting and driving for too long. Don’t sit in too low chairs or too squashy because you will not able to stand up. If we have to sum up try to move carefully until you are fully recovered.

Is it going to happen regularly?

It depends on how careful you are with your spine. If you had additional slipped disc treatment, then you shouldn’t worry at all. In contrary, if you wait to see how bad it could become, then we recommend you to call your doctor in Singapore and book an appointment. The most important part is that you should pay attention to your posture and to exercise regularly.